4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Women
  • Location: Alton, Hampshire, Poland
  • Consulting Accelerator

Anna wanted to learn platforms so she could do online sales and consulting. While going through the program Anna was having some health issues. She contacted the team and they motivated her to continue forward. She was able to push through and gained a wealth a knowledge.


Hi, it is here from Poland. I decided to do Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program because I'm at the stage of creating my business, called LTD and there is the web page, and I wanted to learn about the platforms to do sales online for coaching and consulting services that I provide. And during the progress the team was very good to me because event though I was sick and in the hospital, they were very supportive and they motivated me to not give up and to continue with the program. Other than that I gained more knowledge about consulting practices, that is also half of my coaching and I want to mention that currently in Poland I do organize corporation together with Maua brand, that is Polish apparel clothing for bigger size business woman and it is spelt Also I organize holistic retreats at in and definitely I would recommend Sam Ovens programs to other people all around the world, because it's great value. Thank-you. Bye.