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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Automotive
  • Location: Overland Park, KS, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

The member purchased the course prior to graduating college and hasn't had much time to do the course.??He has benefited from the mindset training and is confident he will get a client once he has the time to dedicate to the program.


Hey guys. What's going on? My name is Phillip. I'm from Overland Park, Kansas. First and foremost I want to give a big thank you to Sam for creating this program. A little bit about me. I just recently graduated from college and I picked up Sam's course right before I graduated. For me my academic trajectory is that I'm going to do a Masters of Biostatistics at the KU Medical Center. In order for me to actually do the Masters I have to take some foundational courses so while I'm doing my foundational courses that's where I'm putting my downtime into my consulting business. Now I have not had any clients yet as of right now but I do want to you Sam that I keep this with me and I try to keep it simple. I was spending a lot of time before doing research and I've got my niche figured out. Now I'm working on creating my offer. That's where I'm at right now. Even though I don't have any clients I am very confident that I will because of the mindset training you offered in the program. That's right, the mindset training. That is definitely the most valuable thing that you have to offer in the entire program. That thing is amazing man I'm telling you. Especially I'm really excited to see what's available in Consulting 2.0 because I know you've put a lot of extra work in it. The reason why I jumped on is because, into your program is because I come from a business background myself. My father owns an accounting company in Hong Kong. I moved from Hong Kong when I was nine but my dad showed me a lot of stuff in business. A lot of what you said totally resonated with our principle, which is doing business the right way. I would definitely recommend your program to other people and for those of you that are watching, just know that even for someone like me who has not had the results yet I believe in it a lot because if you are in with the right people in business then you're going to recognize that what Sam has to offer is very very very very good. Thank you so much Sam for creating this amazing product and I look forward to letting you hear about my success later down the road. Take care guys.