5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Retail
  • Location: Sarasota, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Joseph was involved in real estate sales when he joined the Consulting Accelerator program. He is focused on growing his consulting business and has seen some positive signs right from the start after going through the program.


from Sarasota, Florida. Just a brief history of my career. I've owned five different businesses and lost a few of those during the great recession, while I was in Michigan, and along with most of my investment properties. I worked at Lowe's Home Centers, I was a handyman for a couple years, and I managed an apartment complex, and now I'm a full time realtor here in Sarasota. Since I'm now in my mid 60s, wow, I thought being a real estate agent would carry me through until I no longer wanted to work. However, being a successful agent requires much more time and energy than people realize, and of course, if you're not closing, you're not making any money. I forgot how or where I ran across Sam Ovens' Consulting Program, but I'm glad I did. I viewed his consulting training quickly, as I like to have an overview of such things before I study them in depth, so I'll be taking the program again doing notes and asking and filling all of his questions in and writing out the details as I go along. It was an impressive offering, so many clever and new, at least to me, business strategies. After I did the quick run through, on a whim while I was downtown, I visited three businesses one morning pitching his ideas. Believe it or not, I got one formal appointment, even though I didn't have any business cards, flyers, or handouts. So that's encouraging. I'm planning on winding down my real estate sales business, while at the same time ramping up Sam's consulting plans. His business bible is solid, well presented, and in the end, offering a non-stop flow of monthly income without necessity of working dozens of hours, showing homes, filling out paper work, et cetera, and it's too solid of a plan not to carry on with it. So I'm looking forward to working with Sam in the very near future and I wish everyone well. Take care.