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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Car dealerships
  • Location: West Covina, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Joe did not have a business before starting the consulting accelerator. After overcoming some personal challenges, he has applied everything he learned from Sam and is on track to do 6-figures in his new business this year.


Hey, guys. This is Joe Lopez from Los Angeles, California. I just wanted to take a second to talk about Sam's consulting program. I bought Sam's program about four months ago and at the time I had no business. I was completely broke. I bought it with the intention of using it to start a business and make some money and change my life. But when I bought it ... same day I started watching some of the videos. I got through a few of the introduction videos and that same day my girlfriend ended up breaking up with me. We were together for three years so that kind of left me in a mess. I kind of put the program to the side and didn't really pay too much attention to it for a while. Through all of that I started easing my way back into it and watching some of the videos and then seeing how Sam talks about mindset and how important your mindset is. I bought some of the books he recommended like Relentless and Blue Ocean Strategy. And just a combination of all the things that Sam talks about really helped me to change my mindset and flip my life around. I ended up starting my own digital marketing consulting agency. Really, this is the first month that I started really applying everything that Sam taught and going out there. I landed two clients this month and I'm on track to do six figures this year with my business and I want to thank Sam for that and everything that he teaches in his consulting program. I highly, highly recommend everything that Sam teaches. He is an awesome, awesome mentor and he knows so much there is about digital marketing and consulting. So if you're on the fence right now and you're thinking about whether or not to invest this money, I highly recommend it. It's only $3,000. He even gives you a guarantee that you'll make that back in five weeks. If not, he'll refund you your money 100%. There's no risk to it and I guarantee that if you do pay attention and learn from Sam and apply what he teaches, you'll make 10 times that much. You'll make that small investment back off of your first client. Thank you again, Sam.