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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Other
  • Location: Clearlake, Calif, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ted has enjoyed the flexibility Sam's course offers. He has seen the value inside the program and is excited to start dedicating more time to completing it.


Hi. My name's Ted Holmes. Originally I'm from Long Island, New York, but it's been a while. I live out here in California now for some time. I've been involved here with Sam's program for several months now. Life as a truck driver, welcome to my wonderful abode, as a truck driver here, we ain't got a whole lot of time. We do a lot of running. It's one of the nice things I like about Sam's program is you can pick it up when you have the time and put it aside when you don't. For the most part, that puts me kind of behind the eight ball a little bit as far as where everybody else is but what I like about Sam's program here is it's really put together very well. I've been involved with a lot of things and there's many shams out there but his program has the real deal. A couple of things I really like about it is the online community that he has put together, where there's many other people that started about the same time I did and those that were very aggressive truly soared and you can see the program really works. Then we have many questions, of course, and others have been through it have answers, very good answers, and Sam has even paid a couple of people who've really excelled and done very well with the program to be there and answer questions as well and they do a very good job. There's many, many things here, they're hard to pull off the top of my head, that are really good about this program. Where I am with it, though, it's my fault. I'm a little slow on it, I'm a slow learner but I definitely can see the potential. I will make it, there's no doubt about it. A couple of months I'll be out of the trucking here and be able to put full time into this, but the time I have put into it so far, I can see that it really is ... It's an awesome program, really awesome. You've got to see it to believe it. It's hard, it's really hard to put together in words but I'm very impressed with it. Very, very impressed. I would highly recommend it. Thanks. Bye.