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  • Location: Concepcion, Chile
  • Consulting Accelerator

Lillian is using Consulting Accelerator start making changes in her life and is inspired by all of the success she has seen so far in the Consulting Community.


Hi. My name is Leanne Gomez. I am from Chile, and I am a teacher. I found Consulting Accelerator, and I decided to follow the program because I thought that it could help me change my life. Maybe not my whole life, but my mindset about work and life itself. As a teacher, I have loads of work during the day, and then after work, I have to take lots of work home. I really don't have a lot of time to enjoy life, and my salary doesn't match up my skills, my knowledge, or my preparation. I decided to follow the program, and although I've just started, I can already say that my mindset is changing from the testimonials that I have read on Facebook in the group, in the private group. We share in the community. I know that everybody has had success stories, very, very quickly. I'm looking forward to finishing the program, so that I can be counted in the group of success stories, as well. Thank you very much, Sam, for putting together this program, and for sharing it with us.