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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Consulting to (NGO) Non-Profit Organisations
  • Location: Singapore, Singapore
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mark is using Consulting Accelerator to learn how to monetize his skills.


Hi there. My name is Mark . I'm from Australia, but I currently work in Singapore. I think what attracted me to the course was I've reached the stage in life where I think I'm pretty well recognized for a whole bunch of skills in my industry, but what's not clear is that how I can commercialize these and get the point where I can really make a living out of it, where it becomes marketable where I can actually charge people for the skills. The industry that I'm in pretty much thinks that these skills can be offered on a voluntary basis, on a pro-bono basis. What is not so clear is why somebody would pay for these skills and so I was very attracted to the course because of that. I haven't actually gone through the whole course but what I have done is really excellent. I think it's really starting to make me think about what's the value that I can give, what is the thing that people might find valuable enough to pay for, and I've started to actually try to define that in a very short space of time. I haven't actually started to yet to try to market that or sell it to other people but it's definitely something that is starting to help shape my thinking and I've even started to just think over the next few months how do I start to share with different people and to try to craft a message that can really be attractive to different people. So I'm in this for the early days so far but I really appreciate the course and I'm really looking forward to the rest of it. Thanks very much.