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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Pre-college Planning
  • Location: North Las Vegas, NV, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Consulting Accelerator, Jacqueline found all the other programs that she tried were not helpful. She attests the program is completely comprehensive and now has the knowledge she never thought she would acquire. She is really excited to take her business to the ultimate level and is confident moving forward.


Hi. My name is Jacquelin West. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I just want to tell you about my experience with the Sam Oven's Consulting Accelerator. Before Sam Ovens I had purchased tens of thousands of programs to become an internet marketer only to no avail. Not only did these programs require me to purchase their program but they also required me to purchase other programs just to get started and with Sam Ovens I found that it was completely comprehensive. Not only did I get the training that I needed to get started, I was given more than really what I paid for. During the course of the program not only did he teach me sales and marketing but he gave me the mindset to how to execute all that he was teaching me and for that I am so grateful. I am just elated that now that I've been through the program, I'm able to really have a direction where the business is going to go. I have a concrete plan. Everything that I never thought to do within my business I am now doing. I now have a blueprint, a goal, some level of excitement that I didn't have prior to going through this training and I am just so grateful not only for Sam but for all of the wonderful advice that he gives you. Just him being an inspiration just through is success in the stories that he'd tell. Just the way that he delivers the information. I am just so grateful that I came across this program and if you are on the fence about buying it, I'm telling you all the tens of thousands of programs that I have purchased cannot compare to this program. Hands down. If you package everything that I've bought together, this program would still blow it out of the water. Sam, I am so so thankful for your Consultant Accelerator program and I'm really really excited to get my business, to take my business to that ultimate level. Not only do I know that I can do it, you showed me the way and for that I love you Sam. Thank you and I can't wait to meet you.