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  • Location: Windham, NN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tom puts his name behind Sam Oven's & the Consulting Accelerator. He has found the program extremely helpful, professional, and was very impressed.


Hi. My name's Tom Nicoli, and I live in Windham, New Hampshire in the USA. And I'm recording this for the Sam Ovens Accelerator course. And there's a lot that I could say about it, but I'll share the most important parts, what I believe are the most important parts of this course. And that's pretty much everything. I have spent so much money and so much time in the last 20 years, then I came across Sam Ovens. I see this young guy, you know, quite rightly boasting about his success and that he wants to share it with you, which is pretty common, right? We hear this all the time. But I'll tell you what, Sam Ovens is legit. This young man is absolutely legitimate. The support, the advancements in his materials, the no up-sells. No up-sells, could you believe it? I got excited. I got hopeful. I still was a little and skeptical, and thinking, "Okay, well. Let's see if it keeps going this way." And it did. And then it kept going with Sam would provide updated information, just because. Because it was need, because he found something else and tweaked and improved what was already great, and gave it. Didn't sell it to you, he gave it to you. So I can't say enough. You know, there has to be something very good for me to put my name on it, and for me to recommend it. Tom Nicoli is all over the internet. You can see that I'm legitimate myself. And I'm saying to you that I stake my name on it, on my reputation, that what I'm telling you is absolutely true. So if you're looking for complete thorough training, information, support whether you want to get into a business or you want to boost your own, you want to be your own digital marketer for your own business, or for other people above. Don't even think anymore, because you're not gonna hear anything better, or you're gonna hear repetitiveness of what I'm saying, I'm sure. So I'm Tom Nicoli from Windham, New Hampshire in the USA, for Sam Ovens. And I wish all of you really well.