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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Other
  • Location: Hopkinsville, KY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Customer benefited from the many insightful things in the course especially the sales script. The customer is committed to learning all everything the course has since it offers so much.


Hi, it's Naomi Olson from Kentucky. This course provided very insightful content. Thank you for that. The sales script. I don't know. It's a testimonial also. I shouldn't say too much, but even I still stuck in a nine to five job. But still I can use that talk to more convincible and I really want appreciate to Sam who provided this course. I am so looking forward to a new course. One thing I want to emphasize is whoever started from the scratch like some did from the garage, I am not doing it from garage actually. I'm living in apartment by myself but ... Hopefully this similar situation who you guys are struggling like me, would be more encouraged instead of discouraged. Especially this course, full contents and so much to learn and sometimes it's hard to absorb everything and fully utilize but ... I would want to keep continuing trying to learn whatever I can learn, and utilize it. There's so much bonus in the end of the course which somebody mentioned it and that's kind of encouraged me to keep going this course. Even I couldn't find exact niche I should be in and kind of giving me direction also. Thank you for that and I love this community, very supportive. Well, thank you.