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  • Level: Starting
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  • Location: Fadden, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Wendy was feeling like her life was crazy and was not having fun. She is still in the Consulting Accelerator and has found it to be truly authentic. She encourages others to keep learning.


Hi, it's Wendy . I'm from Kamber, Australia. What was life like before joining and working with Sam? Well, crazy. I was doing a lot of stuff, working with the government, trying to run my own business, trying to learn to be an entrepreneur when I've worked in a corporate environment, and just not having fun. What was life during the process? Well, I'm actually still in the process, so it's been a learning curve. It's stretching me. I'm enjoying it. I just like the fact that it's real. It's down to earth. I hate hype. I like real. What's it like after going through the consultant accelerating program with Sam? Well, I can't tell you that yet, because I haven't finished. I can tell you that working with people that are real, working with people that want to help you make a difference. I do a lot of leadership stuff, but I wanted that consulting side. I wanted that real down to earth young people side, because while I'm real and down to earth, you can see from this video, I'm in the not-so-young side. But, I'm making a difference with girls, and women, and men. People who have served our nation for years. I want to keep doing that. I think this is going to help me do it. I recommend it. Always. Plugging into people that you can identify with, and grow. If you identify with Sam, then go with it. If you identify with somebody else, then go with them; but just keep growing. Just keep learning, because it's really worth it. Bye.