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  • Location: Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

"Matt joined Consulting Accelerator with a background in farming. He also got involved in sales and was tired of the rejection. He joined the program looking for a consistent way to land clients. Through the program, he was able to find the information and systems he was looking for and now has found his ""better way."" "


Hey, my name's Matt , and I'm coming to you from my little country at the bottom of the Earth, called New Zealand. It's a great place. If you ever get a chance to visit, make sure you do. Just wanted to share with you a quick story about my journey to the Accelerated Consultant Course, by Sam Ovens. I came from a background in farming, of all things. Somehow found my way into the biggest city in New Zealand, Auckland, in a film production and advertising company. That's right. I don't know how that happened either, but I was there, and while there, found myself in sales, door-knocking, on Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati's door, Lamborghini, saying, "Hey, my name's Matt. We've got these great services. Why don't you do business with me? Yada yada yada," and being completely rejected, time and time again. Through that process, thought to myself, "This is ridiculous. There has to be a way. There has to be a better way to develop some sort of process or system, to talk to people that want to talk to you, and get some sort of consistent outcome." These are these thoughts that I had in the back of my mind, and if you're anything like me, you've probably thought those, too. Sure enough, I started to do some research, many years later, late bloomer, and quickly came across a couple of books, and podcasts, and in one of these podcasts, they mentioned this young guy, Sam Ovens, from New Zealand. So I checked him out, and started watching his blogs, and then eventually, had the opportunity to go through his training program, and I was so blown away, because during the course, I finally got some of my questions answered, that I thought for such a long time. Thoughts like, "Surely there must be a process I can follow. Surely, other people have done this. Surely there is a way to generate leads consistently." The course, through Sam Ovens, has shown me that. I was really grateful for what I was able to learn, and as a result, going through that course, understanding the consistency, understanding the systems, the processes, the tools, I'm now in a place where I'm able to implement these strategies with a lot more confidence, and a lot more certainty, and able to get a more consistent outcome as a result. If you're like me, and you thought that there had to be a better way, I'm telling you, there is. The Sam Ovens consulting course is absolutely worth doing. You will learn the secrets and the skills that have come from Sam's , so check it out, don't miss out. As I said, I'm Matt Danger, from a little old country, called New Zealand. If I can do it and figure it out, so can you.