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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Gold Mining
  • Location: Barrancabermeja, Santander, Colombia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gabriel is a Geological Consultant in Colombia after deciding to go with Sams' program he states that he noticed a difference in his business after implementing Sams' well structured course. He has only been in the program a few weeks and can not wait to maximize his results.


Hi everyone, my name is Gabriel Bajona, and I'm a geological consultant from Columbia. There are many business people I admire, great sales teachers, masters in many areas. However, I found Sam's program to be the choice to go for those interested in doing business in consultancy. I'm very pleased so far with the material change I've seen in my routines, mindset, and daily objectives. The structure, the content, and direction given by Sam are direct, relevant, very traceable and definitely lead to action and result. It's a very good to develop a place for yourself in business, if you want to be a consultant. And I want to make emphasis in that last point. What differentiates Sam from other programs another business mentor you start, it's tailored for consultants. I find an affiliaty with his message, as a geological professional. And the structure he proposed is very appropriate for this purpose. I'm very satisfied with the results so far, the few weeks I've been enrolled in the program. I highly recommended it. And keep it up, all the best.