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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: I haven't pick one single niche yet (but I'm planning on it!). I have customers in several niches like software development, weight loss etc.
  • Location: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Fredrik from Stockholm, Sweden. As an experienced affiliate marketer...he was just looking for something that would help him increase his income. Watch him explain specifically what in Consulting Accelerator caused him to start earning more.


Hello there, my name is Frederick Johansen, I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I got into Sam's course last year. I have a background in online marketing, in particular affiliate marketing. The particular segment of the program that I like the most was the mindset bit, because that was the biggest hurdle when I got started trying to earn my first few hundred dollars online, the way I thought about myself, my negative attitude. And I've noticed over the years that that is what separates people that make it online from those who don't, the way you think about problems and the obstacles that come along the way. So Sam has a bit of good way of lining up your goals and doing stuff that's changed the way you think about yourself, so I like that part the most. There's also quite a lot of good tactics. Tactics like, how you build and maintain a good Facebook campaign, and how you configure and setup marketing automation and stuff like that. And that's definitely good, but if you can't get your mindset correct, then you won't be able to execute on those tactics. So for that reason I would recommend the course, based on the mindset bit in particular. So, you should definitely sign up, and start earning some money online. It's a gold rush going on there right now, so get started. Thanks.