5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Sourcing
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Nicholas. After serving the country in the Army, he was looking for his next move. He came across Sam Ovens and the Accelerator program and immediately was intrigued. Being based out of Shenzhen, China he has a unique advantage in being able to do sourcing consulting. Watch him talk about it below


Hey everybody. I'm Nick Chung, and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. Before I started Sam Ovens consulting course, I was doing Tai Lopez's 67 Steps, which was how I came to find out about the course. I can tell you as soon as I saw it, it spoke to me and I jumped right on it. Because I was in the Army at that time, I was just counting down the months and days to get the heck out. So, this course was giving me a way to really think about what am I going to do after I get out. Like I said, I jumped right into it, and during the course I was blown away by all the content. It was incredible, and very straightforward and simplistic. I really liked the teaching style. However, between week two and week three I ran into a roadblock. The roadblock was I couldn't figure out what my niche was. I couldn't narrow it down. I knew what I was good in. I love languages, I love traveling and studying cultures, but I wasn't sure how I could turn that into a consulting business. So I psyched myself out and I stopped with the course, meaning I took a break from it. I haven't actually stopped it, but seeing this upgrade opportunity it really reinvigorated me. Although there's no after the course to speak of, what I can say is that I hope to really maximize this course. I will maximize my investment, and I will find that niche here in Shenzhen, China, where I now currently live. I'll go above and beyond to really set up that kind of business because it really speaks to me and the person I am. I hate working in offices, and especially after the Army I can't sit down in a chair anymore. I thank you for this opportunity, and thanks for looking at my video. You guys take care. Bye, bye.