5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: luxury market
  • Location: morelia, Mexico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Paloma is motivated and working on achieving her goals with Consulting Accelerator.


Hey, this is Paloma Peña from Mexico. My life before joining the consulting accelerator was pretty much crazy because I didn't realize that I could specialize in something. I am an entrepreneur and I'm always making new projects, but I'm not an expert in a niche. For me that was one of my first breakthroughs, and now during the process, I'm the fourth week, three week, third week and it's been quite a journey because there some days I'm not, I'm overwhelmed with all the information and the data and I'm looking out at the market. There's so much to process, but I'm motivated and I think I'm going to achieve my goals and I'm pretty much certain that this is a great program to buy. After going through the consulting accelerator while I'm not in that stage, I will continue with the fifth and sixth week. We'll see what happen. Of course that I can recommend this program because me like I'm an entrepreneur, I think that this is very worth it. There's so much valuable information that we can put it in the outside world with all these tools and I think that it's worth it, yeah. And of course that I can really recommend it.