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  • Consulting Accelerator

Kim has applied the principles inside Consulting Accelerator to make $100,000 with her consulting business.


Hi. My name is Kim Molina. I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico, spending a little bit of time here in St. Petersburg, Florida. And I did want to comment on Sam Ovens' program. Previous to his program, I have always been looking for entrepreneurial and business material so that I can continue to build on my path of entrepreneurism. Sam has certainly put together a comprehensive package. My background is mortgage, real estate, financial services. I've owned a couple of restaurants, and what I find is with Sam's package, it's so jam-packed, so comprehensive of information that it ... The ideas that Sam conveys, in a very concise, clear, easy to understand way ... it's second to none. There's truly nothing out there lik Sam Ovens' program. I highly recommend ... make the investment. It is well worth the investment plus. Thank you so much.