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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Defence industry
  • Location: Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
  • Consulting Accelerator

Do you have to be a consultant to benefit from the Consulting Accelerator training? Jimmy explains how he was able to use the lessons from the training to land his dream internship.


and I am from South Korea. I was still a college student, but one who wanted to learn more about the industry, that I wanted to work for in the future. Before I took this class, I didn't know much about the consulting industry, in general. However, I've tried my best to catch all the points Sam has been emphasizing in this consulting lessons. While I was still learning, I was able to get an internship in consulting company in Korea. This was immensely helpful and I realized the power of these lessons. Even some people who've been working in the consulting industry for a long time didn't know the basics about the consulting industry. When I was hearing their story, I realized how much I was actually learning from these lessons. It was truly amazing, I told my boss what I was learning, my boss was really surprised about the lessons I was taking. He was also very interested in sharing what I've learned through these lessons. He extended my internship length, and I'm able to stay longer and become one of the influential person on the team. I am currently going though the lessons, so I don't know what is my future after finishing this course, but I am pretty sure I will be well off after this course. I would definitely recommend people to join this course, even at the young age, also, the experts in Korea. It is immensely powerful because it reminds you of the basics, which is most important if you want to be successful in anything. Thanks again, Sam.