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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Denturist
  • Location: Post Falls, ID, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Consulting Accelerator, Dimitri had a digital agency which served a broad range of clients. He learned to dial in, niche down to become a specialist and it helped him out tremendously.


Hello. My name is Dimitri and I'm from Spokane, Washington. Before I started the program, I owned a digital marketing company. It was a brand new one and we were pretty generic and, I would say, pretty broad in our industry and who we were working with and who we're helping to get results. That's really the biggest part about going through this program is that I was able to realize that I need to be specific. I need to be a professional in a specific field. But how Sam presents it is very interesting, because he starts with holistic approach and thinking about business world in general and having correct mindset about your place in this business world. That would inevitably, should at least, lead you to become a professional if you were to become a sought-after professional in your field and be above your competition. Be not an average business owner. You have to be a professional. That's what really helped me, because I'm a dental professional myself and I understand that from that perspective now, because if you need a root canal, you're not going to go to a general dentist most of the time. If you need a good, quality job, you're going to go to an endodontist. The same thing applies here and that really helped our company to focus on a specific dental niche and we're focusing on right now, that's kind of something that works for me right now for our company, since I have that background. Thanks to Sam Ovens' program and course, I was able to now close a few clients from that specific industry and, as you know, that's the hardest. Now we're on the road to get even more clients and we definitely stand out in that industry because we are professionals, because we've had clients. We understand that industry already. We know numbers, we know problems, difficulties, and that really resonates with those clients. That's the biggest part, is ... Program is very holistic, but it helps you narrow down, so you will not regret going through it and it will definitely change your business for better. Thank you.