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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: digital marketing
  • Location: Monterey, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Jeff had ran 5 successful businesses. After struggling to get more clients with SEO, he wanted paid advertising training. He has gone through the program, gotten the strategies he needed to run ads and has built his own online course.


Hi, I'm Jeff Berry from Monterey, California. Before taking the consulting accelerator course, I've started and run five successful businesses, two of them using online based materials. However, my partner didn't want to spend money on advertising. So, I had to get heavily into search engine optimization, or SEO, and I can tell you that one of my websites got zero traffic, and the other hardly any traffic at all. So, I realized that I would have to do paid advertising. accelerator course gave me the ultimate training I needed in Facebook advertising, and regular media to know what to do to promote my business in the immediate future. I've also developed a course and this course, consulting accelerator, has given me all the background that I need in order to promote and make this course a success that would include filling in the gaps in sales that I had. I knew I had to get better at sales, and this course definitely helped me do that in a manner that I felt comfortable with. So, I would definitely recommend this course to someone who is a total beginner, or somebody who is already into digital marketing and wants to fill in the blanks and become even more expert, and increase their income even more. Thank you.