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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Recycling
  • Location: Houston, Texas, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Christian has gone from having 3 jobs and bills piling up to being able to build her business, pay off her business, and is now able to treat her family how she always wanted.


Hi, my name is and I'm from Houston, Texas. What I would say my life was before the Consultant Accelerator program, I had three and I half jobs as I would like to call them. I'm also a single mom and I was trying to go to school as well, which that didn't work out so well. My life before the program, it was hectic. I never, I was always late on all my bills and always try to play catch up every month. I was just sinking, and drowning in debt and bills. When I found out about the program it was through a commercial I saw on YouTube, funny enough through Mr. Ty Lopez watching one of his videos. I said, "Hey, why not give it a shot?" During the process of the Consultant Accelerator program I learned a lot. Some of my favorite parts were the beginning, Basically, Mr. Sam Ovens', his motivational speech, which was if you're not interested in doing this and if you're not going to be dedicated you might as well drive for Uber. Funny thing, I was actually at the moment a ride-share driver and I was a little offended but I was like, "Hey, he has a point. If I want to keep making my life like catching up with bills and stressing myself and just driving all of those our hours of the night then don't take it serious." But, I decided to take it seriously and actually followed the program step by step, which is another thing I love. If you're a person that's very organized and you like things done in an orderly and step by step and actually shows the results and is isn't iffy, this program is more than, I more than recommend it for you. My life, I would say, after the program, it's awesome. I have time to do anything I want. I actually go out and have ice cream and lunch with my son and I take my mom out and I've paid off my beautiful vehicle. As you can see my Kia Optima is pretty nice. I actually got the opportunity to pay it off within five years less than its due date, which is awesome. Thank you so much Mr. Ovens for creating this Consulting Accelerated Program. Thank you to your staff, the consultant staff. I more than appreciate it and I especially appreciate the Facebook group. They're so quick to answer any questions you have at any time of the night, day, morning, even at night. They will answer your questions and help you out to the best of their abilities and they do a great job. You will not be disappointed, so yes, I indeed beyond highly recommend this program to anybody interested and I wish you the best of luck and you all will not be disappointed. I promise you. As a single mom who's doing it and I'm in my early 20s, you will not be disappointed. It's more than life changing and a blessing. Thank you Mr. Sam Ovens and good luck to anybody else signing up. I wish you the best. Bye, bye.