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What can active military do to start making money on the side and prepare for a post-military career? Watch as this Atlanta, Georgia man explains...


Hello. Hi. My name is and I came across Sam Oven's program and to tell you my life has never been the same because it's been an eye-opener to things I never know about. Marketing, about just trying to and getting things done online. I have a very strong military background. I've been in service for 15 years and I'm looking at going to consulting as soon as I get out. At this time, I am absorbing as much information as I can and I can tell you it's an eye-opener and I learned a whole lot. This is great and I would highly recommend this to anybody who is still in service or still considering joining this program. Your life will never be the same. I can tell you that. I can guarantee you that. Great program, Sam. I really appreciate you. Thanks very much, man. Cheers.