5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Retail
  • Location: Canton, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Since going through the consulting accelerator, Matt has overcome his fear by using the proven sales system Sam lays out inside the program. He has used his new sales skills to grow his consulting business and is now looking to scale.


Hey, my name is Matthew Algoda. I'm from Detroit, Michigan. And I first got interested in Sam Oven's program, the consulting accelerator, because I felt like I was able to move the needle for my clients and I have the skills in digital marketing that they need to accelerate their businesses. But what I didn't really have was an effective way to communicate those skills; so bascically sales. It was just a point of fear for me really. I wasn't confident. And having a proven system that I know has worked not just for Sam, but for hundreds, thousands of his other clients, gave me the confidence to just keep pushing forward and practicing and going through sales calls. And, you know, after, you know, five then ten then, you know, more than a dozen, I really started to get more and more comfortable and confident. And now I'm able to, sort of, diagnose what's going wrong while I'm in the midst of a call and, sort of, adapt and win clients over in a way that I just never was able to before. So it's been an awesome personal journey; helped me get over my fear of selling and it absolutely just has transformed my business. So I want to say, definitely if you're interested in upgrading your sales skills and building a real funnel that just drives people to your business, definitely take a look at Sam's program. Thank you so much. Bye Bye.