5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: As explained - testimonial recorded at the beginning of training
  • Location: Wellsford, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Petra is brand new to the program and is excited to learn more and start growing her business.


Hi, my name's Petra Davidson. I'm a marketer and a web designer in a town Wellsford, north of Auckland in New Zealand. Predominantly I've been picking up clients through word-of-mouth, and that's fantastic. It's not all that predictable, though, and so I decided that I really needed to get a mentor and some sales training because it is not something that comes naturally to me and I really wanted to step my business up to another level where I had a more predictable source of income. And so, here I am. I'm recording this very close to the start of my trip through the Sam Ovens' consulting program, and so far I've gotta say I'm super impressed. I've been a marketer for a long time, so I've heard a lot of sales pitches directed at me, and Sam's was extremely good. If he can sell to me, then he can help me be able to sell to anybody. The program so far, it's really well thought out, it's really professional, and it's extremely achievable. The steps are all really logical, and they're broken down into sort of bite-sized chunks so that it's not quite so daunting. If you're not a good sales person to start with, it can be a little bit scary thinking, "Geez, I've got to sell to all of these people." And so, if you sort of chunk it into little tasks you can work out your way forward. And so far, that's what's happening. I'm only a little way through it and I've already got clients coming in, so that is really exciting. I can't tell you what the final outcome's going to be, obviously, but it's a super exciting start and I would absolutely recommend it.