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  • Level: Starting
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  • Location: West Palm Beach, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Just 2 weeks into starting the Consulting Accelerator program, Dan has been able to make great shifts in his service delivery. He is excited about this new wave of Consulting.


Hi, my name is Dan , and I wanted to record this testimonial for the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program. I have just finished up week two of the videos, and now I just need to finish up some of the activities associated with those videos. I've been a consultant in the past, but I've worked for other companies and the business model has been one of billing hours to your client as your means of revenue generation. One of the first things that Sam does, and this is a game-changer, at least for me, is changing the mindset from that hourly billing to billing based on value. Find your niche, find the transformation you're going to help your clients with, and value based on the value they internalize. Again, that's a real game-changer for me, that's not something that I've done. Another piece that I've really not done before is focusing on marketing and building a pipeline. Sam is positioning you to become an entrepreneur consultant. That's something very different for me, and I really think it's interesting how he's providing this new mindset for people to build their own business. He provides a lot of the process and techniques that he's practiced himself and developed on his own, bringing in information from various sources, and he's gathered that all for you here, and outlined it and organized it. There's a lot of content. The other key thing I wanted to thank him for is providing the personal experience that he went through. Some of the specific goals that he set, how he retrained his own brain, getting past barriers that we all set up for ourselves, and not knowingly. Right? We set ourselves up for failure, often times, because we think we can't accomplish things. And he helps you prepare to get past those hurdles, so I wanted to thank him for that. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. For anyone considering the program, I wish you luck. I think there's a lot here, and it's something you really need to consider. Thanks so much.