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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Drones
  • Location: Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

William currently owns his own photography business and fly's drones. Before taking Consulting Accelerator William was a civil engineer but wanted to become an entrepreneur. He likes that you can create as much income as you want if you put the work in. He wanted to learn how funnels work and how to create them. With this course he is getting that training.


Hi team. My name is William, from , Auckland, New Zealand. And I started up my own aerial photography business, and I fly drones. Before I took Sam's course I was a roading civil engineer, and I worked for a company for nine years called New Zealand. Simply put, I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to create my own lifestyle. I wanted to create my own opportunities, so I started following other entrepreneurs around the world, and I came across Tyler Pierce, and then I came across Sam Ovens. I took Sam Ovens program because I wanted to create extra income. What I liked about the program is the fact that you could create as much income as you wanted to if you just simply put the work in and did the work in full, which is absolutely true. I really like the mindset training, how to create opt in pages. How to create funnels and understand how funnels work. That's something that I wanted to do, so becoming a digital consultant was something that I want. I'm not a digital consultant at the moment, but that is something that after I do drones, after this niche,, I'm going to be going over to digital consulting. So, I recommend this course for somebody who wants to leave their full time job, somebody who wants to become an entrepreneur, and somebody who wants to create their own lifestyle. So if you are a creator, this program, the consulting accelerated is definitely for you. So once again, thank you Sam for everything that you're doing, and looking forward to seeing you more in the future. Thank you. William.