5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Other
  • Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

David felt he did not know much about Digital Marketing. Since going through the program he now has the confidence and excitement to implement what he has learned and is ready to grab some new clients.


Hi there. It's here from Canberra in Australia. I first signed up with Sam Ovens and his Consulting Accelerator program about four or five months ago. Before the program, I had no prior knowledge to digital marketing at all. Setting up funnels, I knew nothing about. I had just started a live coaching company, Excellence Within, where I'm a performance consultant there. Yeah, so no prior knowledge on any sort of funnel systems or any sort of digital marketing. I first found out about Sam Ovens through a Facebook funnel. That put me onto learning a little bit about his program, and then I went and did a lot of research on other peoples' programs. Why I signed up with Sam, it just seemed to be a very easy to follow program, which I'm quite computer illiterate, so I needed something quite easy to follow. And then I was pleasantly surprised when I actually got the program, and that's what it was, extremely easy to follow. His step-by-step instructions made it very easy to start setting up my funnels for my business. After the program, well, to be honest, I found out about the Accelerator 2.0 version, and I found out about that just before I was ready to go live with my funnels. My funnels are just sitting there ready to go, and now I'm doing this testimonial and can't wait to get a hold of the Accelerator 2.0. If it's as simple and as easy to follow as the initial Accelerator Consulting program, then I can't wait to jump into it, I'm sure I'm going to be fine with it and ready to start setting up some funnels and getting some clients in. There we go. That's about it. And yeah, thanks a lot, Sam. Great job and can't wait to get ahold of the next version. Cheers, mate.