5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Toys
  • Location: Norway, Norway
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jeppe joined the program finding himself struggling making sales and expanding his business. He learned a ton about sales and mindset in the program and it has dramatically helped his business allowing him to make multiple 6-figures.


My name is and I'm from Norway. I'm running a small wooden toys business where we are designing and manufacturing and selling wooden toys globally. Before I joined Sam's accelerating program, I find myself with big difficulties in getting my sales up. I'm struggling with the sales number, again and again the same, year by year and it was very hard for me to expand my business. I knew, at that point of time, that I need knowledge and knowhow of how to develop my sales and how to grow my business. That's why I joined the accelerating program. In the process of the program I learned a lot about many things, in business especially about sales, but I also want to point out the mindset section was tremendously important for my business. There's so much knowledge to gain from this program that I did not even implement all of it yet. I started immediately implementing the sales training and the mindset training, and that just helped me enormously in my business. Right now, I'm looking at a double in my sales and turnover, and next year I will double again. I will say that is mainly due to all the things I learned in the program and all the things that I implemented directly from the program into our sales organization. It's really a wonderful thing to see my business is finally growing and that I'm really pushing the sales. I can recommend this program 100% to anyone that wants to grow a business, that wants to know how sales really is done and really want to be a great sales person. I recommend this 100%. Thank you very much. Thank you, Sam. Great stuff.