5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Janitorial Services
  • Location: Thuwal, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Andrew felt he was in a dead end job before joining the Consulting Accelerator. He was looking for a mentor and came in contact with Sam & the Consulting Accelerator. He has been able to land his first client, and is confident and excited what the future holds in store for his life.


Hello, my Andrew Evert and I live in Saudi Arabia. So, before I joined Sam's course, I had a good life personally, but work life wasn't that good. I am in a job that's not really leading anywhere and doesn't have a lot of professional growth and challenge and all that kind of stuff. And so, I was actually looking for a mentor. For my next move I wanted a job that would challenge me as well as help me to grow and have progress up. And so, I looked for a mentor for a few months and came across Sam's stuff. And ... as I am looking at it, I am like, he has so many of the things that I am looking for. Let me try it out. So, I jumped in and right off the bat his stuff was just awesome. There would be so many nights when I would go through a course and just my mind would be racing and I would be so excited for the future and have so much ... so many good ideas. But then more than that, what he did is he also said, "these are the things that matter, so stop wasting time doing many of these other activities and focus just on these few". So, that was probably the biggest thing for me was what not to do, and to get myself moving and moving ahead. And so I just felt energized during the course and I would come across things and all of a sudden I would be persuasive or I would have conversations all the time. And you'd be using the content of the course in every day life all the time. It was just, it was fun. And I looked forward and was excited about the future. After the program I continued to improve. I continue to look forward to the future with things. I have a client. I am still working to build my foundations, build my base. To eventually leave this job and go full time. And I am just excited about life. I have a future. I have a strong ... I have confidence. And I would totally recommend it. I have recommended it already and the friends who have also joined have loved it and have seen the results as well. So, I ... .