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  • Location: SHREVEPORT, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Cassandra joined Consulting Accelerator not knowing much about consulting and found the program really taught her effective marketing strategies using facebook. She is now eager to start implementing her new skills and highly recommends the program to others.


Hello. My name is Dr. Cassandra Montgomery. Before starting this program I knew absolutely nothing about consulting. Since this program I now know a lot about consulting, and I learned so much about marketing with Facebook ads, and taking a business to the next level. Although I own businesses, and I've owned a lot of businesses, I didn't know anything about marketing my business through Facebook. Since this program, I am just so eager to get started as a consultant. And yes, I absolutely would recommend this program to anyone, anyone interested in consulting, anyone just really interested in starting a business, because Sam Ovens teaches you so much. I mean, I am really just surprised at how much I was able to learn with this program, and I'm truly excited. And again, I would recommend this program to anyone.