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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Other
  • Location: San Antonio, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

After starting the course the member learned a lot of srategies and was able to get a client within the first week. His greatest take aways was the mindset training and the action steps.


Hey, what's going on guys? This is Curtis Austin. I'm from North Carolina, currently living in San Antonio. Life before the program ... I was in the military and military reserves with teaching on the side. I was going through the motions, paycheck to paycheck, living pretty decent off of 30 to $35,000 a year. Starting the program, it was very informational. I learned a lot of strategies that helped me get started. I got my first client within the first week. What helped me the most with this program is the ... The thing that I got the most from it was taking action and your mindset. Your mindset is everything. During the program I got lost in midway, didn't really apply myself as much. I still managed to double my income. I never really finished the program. I'm getting back in here now to do what I didn't do the first time. This is highly recommended for any new entrepreneurs who's ready to get out there and take over their own thing. Thanks. Hope to see you soon.