5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Service Businesses
  • Location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Prior to the course Richard had success in the home based business and reached a standstill in terms of growth. After the course he was able to leverage what he learned to attract a new customer base and has added 10k to his business and says if he worked harder he could've made more money and a lot faster.


Hi, this is Richard Mathidue and I live pretty much slap bang in the middle of England. A sleepy place called South Yorkshire. I'm here waiting for my little girl to come out of a ballet exam and I want to share some results and some interesting points about Sam Ovens and his Consultancy Accelerator. This is a phenomenal course. I recommend it whole heartedly. The reason I do that is ... I have a little bit of a different background than most people who enter consultancy or are looking at this course, perhaps. I'd already created success in the home-based business industry ... It's a very competitive niche. I was reaching a plateau. I'd reached a point where I couldn't really work any harder. I needed something to break through that plateau. I was scratching my head and I really wanted to offer something of value to my existing clients and attract a new group of clients to me as well. I saw Sam as someone that had the ability to walk the walk. Not only has he created a successful consultancy career himself, so he knows what he's doing in that area ... It's often where you'll see people who are good on the field of play but cannot coach and recreate those results. Sam's created nine millionaires and that's growing and over a hundred six-figure earners, so that caught my attention. I'm always very careful where I invest my money, but I could see the results at all levels ... Individually and also professionally to teach others as well. He's also been in many high profile publications. So that put my mind at easy and I was happy to jump in and invest straight away. During the course you'll see that Sam has a very concise, matter of fact way of teaching which really sticks in your brain. I find it very easy to log in to the online portal so I could do it around my busy schedule. The information really stuck because of the extra activities and because of the way Sam teaches and I applied it very, very easy. In fact the Facebook module itself was worth the entire investment, hands down. Since investing in the course ... In only a couple of months, I've done ten grand additional income into our business and if I'm honest, I could have gone a lot harder and a lot faster with that. I appreciate Sam. I appreciate this course. You won't be disappointed if you invest. Thanks so much.