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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: I was not doing consulting, but wanted to develop and later on launch a new product.
  • Location: Dwingeloo, Netherlands
  • Consulting Accelerator

Andre joined Consulting Accelerator working a 9-5 job and was looking for more growth from his life. He enjoyed the training Sam presented due to its simple action based system and is confident moving forward he has things in motion and is working towards growing to 6-figures. He'd recommend the program to others.


Hi, I am from the Netherlands. I'd like to share with you my experiences with Consulting Accelerated program. Let me tell you first about my life before following the program. I have a nine to five job and work for a nonprofit organization, developing the biggest radio telescopes in the world. In that job I'm a group leader and architect of the world's largest radio telescope for low frequencies. The job is very interesting. However, last summer, I realized the following. I am 46 and given the current trend of the retirement age I would have to stay in this job till about 70. There is not a lot of growth possible in my current organization and staying there would mean that I all ready know exactly what I will be earning and doing at that age. Furthermore, realizing that I am forced to work till about 70 shocked me as well. Something need to change. And at a time, I also got an ID, which in my mind was waiting for. In parallel with my job, I wanted to develop that and evidently bring this to the market. This was about June last year. In December, I bumped into the program of Sam and since then things rolled much faster. Although the program focuses on consulting, my goal was to learn bits and pieces about marketing and doing business in general, something I could use for my products. The program was for me an amazing journey. The online course was very real fun and delivered much more than I expected. There's really a lot of content and this stuff is explained thoroughly. I really liked the way Sam explained the various concepts. He broke things down too easy to understand the elements and presented an unique way of looking into those concepts. For me to course lived above my expectations, and I became more and more enthusiastic. Now having followed the course, I am much more focused, eager to get my product going. In the meanwhile, I am also thinking to go more towards consulting business because that is much more easier than launching my own products. One thing is for sure, the program put things in motion permanently, which I cannot ignore anymore. I don't have the six figure number Sam talks about yet, but I am convinced that I will get there in whatever way. I would certainly recommend this program to others because it gives you a ton of information and above all, it inspires you to finally live your full potential. You learn that you're responsible for that yourself, and it's nice because then you can do something about it as well. Thanks Sam for all the inspiration. Bye.