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  • Level: Starting
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  • Location: Kissimmee, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

David is someone that wants to help people. He wants to start a coaching program. Ideally he doesn't want to help business achieve their bottom line. The one area that David feels is an opportunity is where Sam mentions the coaching program, but doesn't really dive in deep.


What's up guys? I hope this lighting is okay. I'm totally cheating here. I'm using the back screen from my laptop to kind of light up my face but ultimately, I'm trying to do a testimonial here for the consulting accelerator and my life before the consulting accelerator ... I knew and I still know that I want to help people. Ultimately, we all are unique but many of the life experiences that we have are not so unique. A lot of people are going through the same things that I've gone through and that other people have gone through. And, we have that knowledge and that experience to help each other through those life events and things like that. Personally, I knew I wanted to help people but I wasn't sure exactly how to go about doing it. The consulting accelerator really stood out to me because it has so much stuff in it as far as advertising and how to market yourself or other businesses if you're trying to help other businesses instead of people. But see, the only issue I ran into in the process was that, excuse me, I more so want to help people as opposed to help businesses increase their bottom line. When I joined the consulting accelerator, I gained a lot of clarity as far as who my target market was going to be, or the people I was going to be marketing to and helping. In my scenario, I gained a really good clarity, I was able to get a avatar, specific characteristic of people I was looking for to help. But, the issue I ran into was in the course Sam mentioned a coaching program and he didn't really go too far in depth there. So, that kind of put everything at a stand still for me. I'm actually looking at other ways to go about starting a coaching program that way, I can continue through the course and go through the rest of great value and content that there is. I might not be the best person to recommend or answer the question if I would recommend it or not sense I didn't actually complete it yet, but I'm just going through everything that it comes with, the value that it provides as far as the clarity that I gained, just so far at the beginning of how I'm going to do this and how I should kind of package things. The Facebook ads aspect of it and all the other stuff. I would say that it's really worth it. I'm happy I bought it to be honest and to be honest, there's nothing out there that I've found that's anywhere close to what this program offers so, that's my experience and again, I do plan to pick it back up but at the moment, things did kind of come to a stand still for me so, that's my story. Hope that helps guys.