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  • Level: Making Money
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  • Location: Amity Harbor, NY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Greg from Long Island has used a lot of programs before. None have been as good as Consulting Accelerator. The program is the most knowledgeable, effective program he has ever seen. He strongly believes is the teachings offered in Accelerator.


Hello everyone my name is Greg Ryan and I'm from Long Island New York. I would just briefly like to tell you about a great consulting business, that I had the opportunity to purchase and learn this past year. It is Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program. I have used a lot of programs before, but none are as good as Sam Ovens. His is the most knowledgeable, effective program I have ever seen. Each category of his program from business startup, getting clients, and making sales are by far excellent. I'm a published author and an inventor and I strongly believe in each one of Sam's teachings. In my lines of business these teachings are very important. The one I identify most with is as a consultant, you are a problem solver. You want to solve the market's problems and desires, and Sam tells you how to, step by step. Thank you Sam for this great program, I highly recommend it to anyone and I'm looking forward to using your new consulting 2.0 program.