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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Car dealership
  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mitja is a digital marketing who owns a national search engine optimization agency. Mitja wasn't able to find his ideal client and keep them. Before Consulting Accelerator he would just accept any client that he could get. Now he is stricter with his selection and selling process for his clients. The course is very easy to follow and practical.


Hello, my name is Mitja Dolinsek, and I'm a digital marketer who owns an international search engine optimization agency, which is based here in Slovenia. Sam Ovens and his Consulting Accelerator program really helped me define my ideal client, which I have never really done before, learn how to get them, and then how to actually keep them. Now, my previous strategy for getting clients was just ... It was too generic because I would pretty much take any client that would pay me, which was a horrible way to do business. I learned the hard way that not every profitable client is actually profitable in terms of time and energy that you have to invest in them. Sam really helped me shift my business model that now includes a strict qualification process that my prospects have to actually follow. So rather than me having to sell myself to them, they actually have to sell themselves to me about why do they think I should choose them. I completely shifted the whole selling process and learned how to persuade people more effectively. Now, Consulting Accelerator is just ... It's very easy to follow. It's very practical, and it's result-oriented, which is most important for me. So now, rather than me being an SEO consultant who just wants to help everyone with everything on every project, I became a specialist who offers very specific services, is always highly in demand, gets paid more and actually works fewer hours than before. Now, I believe that if a 21 year old student who really came from humble beginnings and who lives in a country that most of the people watching this video don't even know existed before, which means that your geographical location doesn't really matter, can have over 10 paying clients who live thousands of miles away, well, then pretty much anyone can do it as long as they're willing to follow the steps that Sam teaches and also develop a great work ethic. So I wanted to thank Sam for helping me achieve this, and recommend his Consulting Accelerator to anyone who wants to become a highly paid consultant who can work from anywhere in the world and helps businesses achieve better results.