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  • Location: Olney, MD, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Danny went through Consulting Accelerator and it took his agency to a new level! He was just getting started in business when he joined and he was able to scale up his business in just a few months. He is currently working on two 7-figure deals.


Hey, how you doing? My name is Danny Kim and I took Sam Ovens' course about a year ago and legit, it took my agency to a different level. Before my agency was up and coming, it just started and I had zero clients, but Sam Ovens' technics and just a lot of the meat and potatoes throughout the whole course really helped me scale up and sign up, I think five or six clients in less than a couple months and really I wasn't even implementing anything too serious. If I really put in more effort into it, I think that I would be able to get 20 clients with the knowledge that he provides. Other than that, really, Sam Ovens, thank you so much for the content. Well worth the investment. I even asked for a refund because I had no funds at the time because of my own agency's expenses, but even after getting a refund, I had full access to the courses and I'm just so grateful and now I'm going to take it more seriously. I'm going to take my agency to a different level. Talking to about seven clients. Two actually, seven figure deals potentially going down. I'm really grateful and I really appreciate the content that you provided. Sam Ovens, thank you. Danny Kim checking out. Check me out revboostmedia.com. Cutting edge digital marketing agency. Thank you.