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  • Level: 7 Figures
  • Niche: Marketing
  • Location: Franklin, TN, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Taylor and Chris felt there focus was diluted before working with Sam. They have been able to improve their mindset and vision for their business, improve goals, and have used all the help and strategies to grow their business into the seven-figures.


Hey, what's up? This is Taylor Welch and just in my office here in Nashville. Wanted to record a quick video for you, Sam, just kind of letting you know how instrumental you've been in our business and just kind of shed some credibility to anyone who is looking to work with you. When we first started working with Sam, Chris and I, our business is Traffic and Funnels. We were doing services and trying to do coaching and a million different things. We worked with, you know, as a service provider, we've done marketing for a long time but our focus was so diluted. We were doing so many things at the same time and we were really at the start of, kind of, building our consultancy. Working with Sam has been legendary. He's one of the smartest people that I've ever met, being honest, not even trying to flatter him. He's just a genius when it comes to business and business models and how to set up your structure in your business, how to build marketing, different things like that. But I have to say the biggest thing that Sam helped us with was our mindset. The dude thinks so large and he's thinking so big. I've never seen someone with vision like what Sam has and the result from being around Sam and just being able to talk to Sam and kind of hear him talk to us, it changed the way we run our business, it changed our goals. When you change your goals, you compensate for your activity and you change your activity. All of the sudden our goals got bigger, our activity got smarter, we started focusing on just one or two things at a time rather than being strung out across so many different activities and our business started growing. As soon as we were done, you know, working with him for a couple months, we immediately found out what he had to buy next and bought that and looking forward to seeing how we continue to, you know, grow our business and learn from the business legend. Just looking forward to all of the future so if you have the opportunity, Sam's a great guy, we've really loved working with him, he's become a friend and yeah, all around good looking guy. So, thanks for everything Sam, talk soon.