5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Health
  • Location: Burlington, NJ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Glenda was looking to start building the type of life that she loves. She enjoys the way the course is structured to help set people up for running a successful consulting business. She is confident now that she is buckling down and refocusing that she will be able to collaboratively work with the Consulting Accelerator and have success.


Hello. This is Glenda Francis from New Jersey. Prior to joining Sam's course I was a laid-off banker looking to create the life I love. I tried several online classes, most of which had the similar structure, but they were all missing something. There was a gap. When I found Sam's course, it filled in all those gap. What I loved about the course is that number one, it defined consulting, and number two, it laid out a path as to where you can go, almost like a ladder, the type of consulting, doing it for you, and then holding classes. So there was somewhat of a path as to how to go about it, where to start and where you can ultimately end up. So I did really like that and that just provided clarity for me. After being in the class for a couple of months, I have not had a client and that is all my fault because I did not stick to the plan. I went off the course that Sam had laid out. The first thing I did wrong is I chose a niche for profitability, one that I thought was lucrative, as opposed to a niche that I love or even enjoyed. The second thing is I did my own thing. I bounced around the course several times. So I'm starting again. I do have an accountability partner, a fellow classmate, and together we are pushing each other towards that mark, pushing each other to be successful, to complete all of the course work and to end, be it ugly, be it pretty. Whatever it is, we're going to cross that finish line together and start all over again, continuing to refine the process. So this is it. This is where I am.