5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Chippewa Falls, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Janet joined Consulting Accelerator at a time when she was looking for a sense of direction. After joining the program, she was blown away by the mindset portion of the training and the business fundamentals and strategies. After, she is much clearer on where she is headed and has picked her niche, and is ready to start growing her business.


Hi. It's Janet Shannon from Wisconsin. Life before the Consulting Accelerator program was a little confusing. I had just graduated with an MBA degree, and I didn't quite know where I wanted to go with that. Then, I saw an ad on Facebook for the consulting program, and I watched the video. I was just blown away by how much Sam Ovens knew about everything, not just consulting but about how the mind works and how the world works, and so I was immediately sold. I signed up, and during the program, I was again blown away by how much I learned about our minds and our earth, and how everything works in it. The mindset training was incredibly great. Then, obviously, he knows a ton about consulting and coaching and the Facebook ads and everything, so he provides you with all of the resources and knowledge that you need to succeed. Now, life after the program, I have much more clarity on what I would like to do, so now, I really narrowed down and finally picked my niche. I'm going to go redo the program again with what I know now and what I've been through the last six months and what I've read up on and studied upon, and so, I'm going to redo the program and see if I can get where I need to be and see if I can get those clients and make a lot of money and help a lot of people, so I'm really excited for it all. If anyone's looking to get into the coaching and consulting program, I would highly recommend this one. For the price, you get way more value than the little price that he charges for it, so, highly recommended.