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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Marketing Automation
  • Location: Geelong West, VIC, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, David had a successful business but was looking to scale it right up. After joining, he was able to generate an additional $27,000 as a result of implementing just a handful of the proven tactics in the program!


Hi there, my name's Dave, from Melbourne, Australia and before I took Sam's course, I was already relatively successful in my own consulting business. The problem I had, though was I had no systemized way of expanding and increasing that business, which was a slight problem, and I was always looking for a way to try and increase that or leverage myself or leverage my time, and I had real great difficulty enabling myself to do that. Doing Sam's course includes primarily, in fact pretty much the first week is to improve your mindset, which is pretty much everything in this. Since taking Sam's course four months or so ago, I've improved my cashflow by 30% and I've helped a number of other businesses do the same thing, which is awesome. It's quite satisfying, and it's very much made it easier to generate more of a cashflow. Well, not only more cashflow, but more of a timeflow. So, I've got more time up my sleeve, which is awesome. If you think about doing this course, the investment is tiny compared to going to university or whatever other course is out there, for the value you get is amazing. So, I've made my money back so many times ... In the first week I made it back, sort of thing. So, it was fantastic. I can't thank Sam enough and everyone in the community is amazing. If you've got a question, there's an answer within five minutes on the Facebook community, which is incredible. No system- No one out there does this. So, I can't thank Sam enough, and the team he's put together. It is incredible. Thanks, Sam. Cheers.