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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: digital marketing
  • Location: Sainte-Eulalie, France
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jauffrey had been in other courses before and learned from other mentors. In his opinion, Sam's Consulting Accelerator was the absolute best. He now has more confident and plans on reaching his goals very soon.


Hey good morning everyone. My name is Geoffrey Betwig, and I am coming from France, so sorry for my English. I will try to do my best. I'm just here to do a quick testimonial about Sam Ovens' program, and it just changed my life. During two years I was lost, I lost money in different programs, different mentors, and nobody was fine. No one was fine. I just find Sam Ovens' program and it changed everything. I am now sure it's the best program and if you just follow step it just change everything. It changed my mind, it changed my goal, it changed my competence. If I can give an advice, go jump in this program. follow step by step, and I'm sure if we do that we will be successful. I am now pretty confident about my future, and it changed everything. So thanks to Sam Ovens. Thanks to this program, and his amazing job. I will do my best to be successful and to go in New York to meet now my mentor. For me it's only my mentors and it's amazing. So see you soon, and have a lot of success. Bye.