5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Sales/Marketing
  • Location: San Diego, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Kris has really enjoyed using Consulting Accelerator. He has tried other programs before but nothing was like Accelerator. The structure was set Accelerator a part from the others. From the processes, Facebook ads section was very useful.


Hey, hey, from San Diego, California. Pretty much the program, I can't tell you enough about it; it was great. Having done programs myself and similar training videos in other markets, it was very thorough, very great, and had a lot of substance. I work for a company, well don't work for it, I own it- CryoFX. We do special effects. It's one of four special effects businesses that I run. And that's what I was doing before getting on board with these videos. Once I got on board with the videos, things were great. I pretty much have built this company myself already without prior knowledge of out-bound sales, and actually there was no out-bound sales already. But, the web, marketing, landing pages, obviously SpyFu, we use them and a couple other things. And as you can see behind me, pretty accomplished from many different things and degrees, but all that aside, still took the program, still wanted to see it and I got a lot a lot of knowledge out of it. I can't tell how much, it was great. So, we've seen that action before. But on the real note, it was good, I liked everything involved in it, very thorough on the Facebook ads, the processes all the way from start to finish. I can't begin to explain how thorough it was, again, credible it was. Credible is a very good word to use for that just because it had a lot of great material and it went into detail about everything. And so, my life during that process, I ran these businesses while I took these videos and this training. I actually went through it, went back, looked at a couple things again, and then kind of picked and chose what ones I liked, and then actually went through it again. So, I did it a couple times. I'm super excited for Accelerator 2.0 and ready to get going. So, I've actually used this to catapult some of my other business that I've started in the web and in consulting with search engine marketing and digital marketing if you will. So, it's worked out great; I'll have more good stuff to come, and you can never stop learning. So, I'm excited, I'm going to take 2.0 and we'll see where we go. Sam Ovens, thanks a lot bro, you're great.