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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Location: Sedlescombe, East Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting, Alex had always dreamed of starting a business, but was not sure about the skills he could bring to the table. Since joining the consulting accelerator, he has learned to identify and channel the skills he has and has been very happy with the things he has learned and experienced.


Hi, my name is Alex and I'm from the U.K. Before starting Sam's program, I was a student at university in the U.K., studying my first year. As a student, I didn't have any real source of income other than allowance given to me by my parents, usually to buy food and go out during that time, of course. Usually though I didn't have much money to go on trips 'cause expenses such as food, shopping that kind of thing. So I didn't get to spend many times with my friends or go on holiday. However, I always wanted to try my own business and to be my own boss, but I just never knew where to start out or where I could go with the skills I had. So I found the ... once I began Sam's training, the different information he had throughout the course was extremely in depth and informative when it came to helping me understand the way the business was structured and how to go about working with the business and the different thing that I would need to know. He also showed me how to improve the skills I had and how to approach the business in different ways and how to approach people with my offers as well. I found that the information so far was beyond useful and the different things that he showed me throughout the course really helped me gain an understanding of how businesses work and the different ways I need to approach them, what they would need how I could focus on just myself as well, improve my own skills in deliverance and my own confidence when approaching businesses with my consulting offers. One of the main things that I found most helpful was that he showed me that if I was confident in the way that I was bringing myself across and with my offer and my understanding off my services, I could charge easily upwards of 1,000 dollars for my very very first client, having had no business experience from beforehand. And this, obviously as a student, is phenomenal. It's a lot of money, I can buy plenty of food, it deals with debts for a long time as well as you know, helping to pay off my student loans. So now that I've said that, and having been through the training, I found that I'm happy with what I've learned. I've been happy with the different things I've experienced. The things they've shown me throughout the course. As well as that I also thought that it's made me a more confident person. It's meant that I've had experience learning from Sam, and being taught how to project myself, how to bring myself across and some of the ways that I can improve not only just myself but my approach to business and how I talk to people. So yeah, it's given me more freedom, I'm close to securing my first few clients, not yet, but it's in the works. And from there I will be, hopefully by the end of the year, I will have had enough money for my different ventures and from getting new clients to pay off the student loans for the next three years which says a sum of about 40,000 pounds. So that's my view. I've been very very confident having done the course that I be able to. I would thoroughly recommend this to anybody who feels they would like to start their own consulting firm and just need a helping hand in where to start like I did. Thanks.