5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing for Ecommerce
  • Location: Kariong, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Aidan joined Consulting Accelerator, lacking clarity and direction for the coaching business he wanted to start. After going through the program, he has seen tremendous personal and professional transformations and now is confident he has the direction to have his biggest year in 2019.


Hey everyone. This is from New South Wales, Australia. Just wanted to give some feedback for Sam's Consulting Accelerated Course. So coming into the Consulting Accelerated Course, I didn't have much clarity on which direction I was gonna be taking for my business. I knew I wanted to build a consulting/coaching business. But I wasn't sure which way to go. Now being in the course about three and a half months after a lot of niche jumping and a lot of trying to really overcome myself, I've had some of the biggest transformations I've ever had both personally and professionally. So I can happily and confidently say now that I'm growing as a person every single day. And the direction I'm gonna take my business is completely different to what I thought I was gonna take when I first came into the course. So this year I know is gonna be one of the biggest years I've had. It's gonna be very, very productive. And I'm very excited for what comes forward. So if anyone is on the fence about the course, I highly, highly recommend jumping in on it. Just give it a go and go all in and do not give up. And I guarantee you, you will enjoy the results. So thank you for that-