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  • Location: Newnan, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jeffrey speaks extremely highly of the mindset and sales training inside Consulting Accelerator. He is very excited for the opportunities available to him and is confident with the direction he is moving in. He recommends the program for everyone.


Hey guys, it's , reaching out from Atlanta, Georgia. Just wanted to give a little bit of a thank you to Sam Ovens and the entire consulting group. This has been a really phenomenal and transformative experience for me personally. I bring about, almost 30 years of background in the management and technology consulting arena, and have been through a lot of different sales trainings. I won't give any of those names for obvious reasons, but I will just tell you, if you're watching this video before you signed up for Sam's course, let me tell you it will definitely transform, not only what you're doing right now, if you're taking this up to kind of look at something else, you're going to get some immediate benefit out of this course in whatever current job that you have. Just the training on mindset alone, and really understanding how to focus and really get control of your time and your day, I've seen tremendous impact in that already, and what I'm currently doing in my current role is I make a transition out of that into some full-time opportunities based on what Sam's teaching everybody. And secondarily, also, you'll find that the training on doing presentations here is almost invaluable. It's hard to put a price on it. If you're a fan of someone like Steve Jobs, who is the master of doing presentations, you're going to see some training here that really shows you exactly how someone like that approaches a deck. And I'll just tell you, having been involved in corporate America, like I said, for about 30 years, it's the opposite of what you've been told. That's why so many of us struggle in trying to put those kind of presentations together. We're just very excited. My wife and I, we see a great future together. We're trying to look at doing something on our own as we go kind of into semi-retirement years, and bringing a lot of my experience, both from sales and marketing and coaching, into this kind of platform to empower that growth. I've done some independent consulting in the past, have been kind of successful with that, but not really been able to grow it to scale, and I think that's really the opportunity that I see right now that I'm very excited about. Again, if you're just looking at this program for the first time, my advice to you is get on board, grab a hold, do the work, as Sam says, stay focused. Get involved in our Facebook group, there's some 6,000 people there that are ready to help you. You'll find the twice-weekly calls that we do, if you can't make them, don't worry about it. They're recorded for you. There's great support here. You can make some tremendous changes in your life. We just see a very different future. Not that our current life isn't fantastic, but we see about getting control of where we want to go and not being dependent upon another company, another person, or what have you, to determine what your income is, or what hours you're working, or what you're doing. With this kind of program, you set the agenda, you set the focus, you go where your passion is, and if you simply follow the training that Sam has, and just stick with it and get the support that you need, and just trust it's all going to work out in the end, I'm tell you it will happen exactly that way, so ...