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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Location: Austin, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Greg has an extensive background in marketing and web development and is continually impressed with the course content and the different perspective that Sam brings to the program. Finding himself recently without a job, Greg is confident in his ability to follow the program to the letter and come out the other end with a successfully established consulting business. Greg recommends avoiding investing your time or money into anything other than this program.


Hey guys. This is Greg Holder from Austin, Texas. Happy to be here, and tell you a little bit about my experience. My background has been in internet marketing, web development, direct to consumer businesses, eCommerce in particular. I've built a number of different properties. Some you may or may not have heard of. Built before it was sold to Ebay. 511tactical, Cellucor, which is a sports nutrition product line. FitJoy Nutrition and a number of other smaller properties. Anyway, I got involved with Sam's program, because what he's doing it quite unique. And, what he's put into his program and what he shares, really is the secret sauce of how to do this, and I'm learning quite a bit in the process myself. Even with my background in marketing and web development. So, I will tell you I got sidetracked in this election. Put the program down for about a month. Thought I would get back to it. And, carried on with my life and focusing on my business here in Austin, Texas. And, ended up meeting with the board yesterday, and we ended up making a decision to go in a different direction as far as our direct to consumer efforts. I woke up today without a job. So, I didn't panic, per se, but I will say, a lot of thoughts have gone through my head, of what I need to do, and how I need to go about it. But, when I got up today, I realized, I just need to pick this program back up and do it. This is what I need to do. And, I'm really confident that it's going to take me to where I need to be. I'm not panicking, scouring job boards, calling friends, and worrying about, and feeling sorry for myself. I look at this as a gift. It's an opportunity for me to refocus and really pour myself into Sam's program. What I've seen is great so far. I'm reapplying myself now. And, if you're considering anything like this, you really, really should consider very seriously buying Sam's program. I've looked at a number of others. Don't even waste your time. There's nothing that even comes close. At the end of the day, it's not about the investment, although I know that's important. But, don't waste your money. Don't even take a free program and spend your time on it. Buy Sam's, because at the end of the day, time is your most valuable asset. Use it wisely. Best of luck to you. I will see you on the Facebook page, and I'll be updating there as well. Take care.