5 Rating:
  • Level: 6 Figures
  • Niche: Business mentoring
  • Location: Witney, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Chris was running his own business before working with Sam. However, after going through the Consulting Accelerator, he has been able to successfully scale his business and improve his online advertising campaigns. He has double his business and definitely recommends this program to anybody.


Hi, my name is Chris Gardner from near Oxford in the U.K. Before going through the Consulting Accelerator Program with Sam, I was running a pretty successful business mentoring company here in the U.K. But going through the program I got two real kind of game changing points really. One was actually the model itself. We were trying to expand the business, but it would need more people and this model ... This way of working actually it allows you and enables you to expand and scale up the business without necessarily needing to rely on lots more people coming into the business. That was ... Number one was really important. Number two was to be able to put the detail together within specific advertising campaigns. Step by step guidance on what to look for, how to set it up, putting stuff in place that you don't hear from anywhere else, so that you can measure it, monitor it, know exactly what to tweak, what to change so that you keep getting the good results. It makes all the difference. As a result of going through the program, out business has pretty much doubled. Would I recommend the program to others? Yeah, absolutely I would. I can really open your mind to a much bigger possibility of running your business and doing it in a way that doesn't ... As I said just now ... Doesn't necessarily need a whole lot more people coming in to the business. Sam is the real deal. The quality of the information, the experience within the program and the support is really great. So yeah, I totally recommend it.