5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Book Marketing
  • Location: Bulimba, Queensland, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Narelle has found Consulting Accelerator to be incredibly comprehensive and has been able to focus, niche down, and grow her business. She found the mindset training extremely powerful and gives it a 5 out of 5!


Hi, it's Narelle Todd in Brisbane, Australia. I have a coaching and consulting business and I had grown it to the early six figure mark. I did want to grow it even further and scale it even further because what I had discovered was that I had created a job for myself and I was spending far more time working in the business than actually on the business. I went looking for someone or something who could help me move my business to the next level and I'm so glad that I found Sam Ovens Consulting course. I was working crazy hours in the business and was earning good money. I guess I was just tired from working so hard and as I say it was more of a job than anything else. I found Sam's course to be incredibly comprehensive. I reassessed where I was at and what I wanted and certainly got the clarity I needed that enabled me to focus on the niche and niching down even further in my business, as well as being more selective with the clients that I took on, so that it was a good fit for both them and for myself. Where am I at now? Certainly income has improved and increasing and continues to each month. Yeah, monthly retainers I have my clients on. The money mind set training in the program is just brilliant and I think has been one the pivotal things that has allowed me to move even further ahead with my business. I highly recommend Sam's course, I certainly give it five stars out of five stars. If you were to say to me what's the one program of anything you could do in the world, this would be the program I would recommend to people.