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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Business Development
  • Location: Denver, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Carter found the mindset training inside the Consulting Accelerator truly remarkable and saw a massive shift in the way he acted, dressed, and his behavior patterns. He reads it every single day and attests to that being extremely helpful with him taking action.


Hey there, I'm Carter Johnson from Denver, Colorado and I wanted to take a moment just to shoot this quick video detailing my experience with Sam's program. Before I came into Sam's consulting program, I was already in consulting space. I was helping clients with their digital marketing needs and going through the program, one of the big light bulb moments that I can think of that I consider just in itself worth every penny of what I paid to go through the program was the actual mindset piece. We all have our goals and dreams and aspirations and that sort of thing, but when I was going through that section something really shifted where I took that stance where I knew if I wanted to make a real run at those things, I needed to start taking that seriously. That's when I kind of saw a shift in myself where I was dressing a lot crisper every day. I wasn't just wearing sweats and a t-shirt or something like that while I was working around at home. I was actually getting dressed as if I were going into an actual job. The other thing I did from that section was I went through and I wrote out my identity, my goals and aspirations and what my behavior patterns looked like, and all sorts of that stuff. That was about a year ago and I still have that notebook on my desk and I read it every single day. I can't say how much of an impact that's made just on my mindset and what I focus on day in and day out. By doing that, that actually spurs me into more action. The program itself, it was fantastic, very well-organized. I loved that it had really actionable steps to take throughout of it, and even if you're new to consulting or if you already are in the consulting space, you definitely will do yourself a favor by picking up this program and going through it. Of course there's a great community that goes along with it that's extremely extremely valuable, but yeah, overall I thought it's been fantastic. Again I, the whole mindset section, that was hands-down my absolute favorite and a real, it was a real life shifter for me, so with that yeah, thanks so much Sam. Best of luck in the future.